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Surplus Property Office

The University of Arizona Surplus Property Office is responsible for the disposal and reutilization of all excess University property. The primary method of disposal is through public auctions, which are conducted once a month. Bidders are able to participate in University of Arizona live auctions in person only.

By registering on this site, you may take part in the auctions. From the internet website, the results of previous auctions can be viewed and upcoming auction lots can be previewed prior to the auction.

In addition to participating in the live auctions, registered bidders can submit bids online on "Special Bid" sales, similar to a traditional sealed bid auction. Special bids are generally conducted on higher dollar items or items not feasible to move to the auction warehouse for disposal. When the bid closes, the item(s) is awarded upon receiving approval from the owning University department.

Please read the Help section to learn more about the registration and bidding process. We encourage you to register today and to begin enjoying the University of Arizona auction experience.


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